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Annual Maintenance

  • We undertake AMC for various Industrial & Medical Electronic Equipments. We maintain your equipment under the Contract so that the Breakdown time is reduced. Generally the breakdown time is higher because the companies which undertake AMC only intend to replace the boards. The time for the replacement may vary from 2 weeks to 2 months as they have to be shipped from other countries.
  • We basically with the kind of technical expertise, sophisticated tools and testing software repair the same board replacing original components & try to reduce the time of break down to greater extend where we save our customers time, money and reputation.
  • In this day to day competitive market, we understand that our customers cannot afford to keep their equipment non functional for greater period of time which may also prove fatal to them.

Guaranteed Response Time

  • Testek Technologies has agreed that during the contract term we will guarantee that a service engineer will be present at your facility no later than forty-eight hours after your facility has alerted the Testek Technologies service department that this is an “emergency call.”

The following considerations apply:

  • The facility must place all emergency service calls through the Testek Technologies, 189, Selegie Road, # 09 – 03, Selegie Center, Singapore, Ph: 65 – 63381274, 63387994, Fax: 65 – 63369985.
  • The above guaranteed response time is to apply only to the number of emergency calls quoted in the contract. Preventative maintenance visits, courtesy visits, parts shipments, recalls, etc., can all be prearranged between the facility and the engineer and do not fall under the guaranteed response time status.
  • Any emergency service call exceeding that mentioned in the contract is not subject to the monetary penalty.
  • Telephone consultation is not to be included as part of the response time. The forty-eight hour guarantee will begin after a point of agreement is reached between the facility and the Testek Technologies service department engineer that the problem cannot be resolved over the phone and that an engineer must do an on-site repair.
  • Example: If a call comes into Testek Technologies in reference to a problem, and the service engineer tries to remedy the problem over the phone, if an on-site repair is deemed necessary then a service engineer will be dispatched. At the point that the on-site repair is deemed necessary is when the forty-eight hour response time would begin.
  • When parts are required from Testek Technologies, or when parts must be ordered for a repair to be performed, the guaranteed response time would not be applicable. This is due to the length of time that is required to ship a part.

General Information

State Law

  • This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Site Visit

  • Customers who desire to obtain a service contract from Testek Technologies but are not currently under a Testek Technologies service contract must have a site visit from a Testek Technologies engineer to evaluate the equipment's condition before a service contract can be accepted by Testek Technologies.
  • This site visit will be billed to the customer on a "time and materials" basis. Customers who are currently under a Testek Technologies service contract and wish to upgrade to a CCC contract will have an evaluation of the equipment performed by a Testek Technologies service engineer prior to Testek Technologies acceptance of the contract terms.

Service Not Covered by Contract

  • Service calls for a malfunction caused by fault or negligence of the customer, including misuse or abuse of equipment, failure to operate equipment in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, unauthorized repair, maintenance or any other external causes are not covered by this contract.
  • All service resulting from fire, lightning, flooding, or “Acts of God” or any other external cause not within the control of Testek Technologies is not covered by this contract.
  • Service calls relating to relocation of the equipment are not covered under this contract.
  • All expenses incurred by Testek Technologies that are not covered under a contract or warranty are the responsibility of the customer. These may include but are not limited to: travel expenses, travel hours, labor hours, parts, or any other service related expense.

Warranty Service

  • All spare parts provided by Testek Technologies will be covered by a 90 day warranty.
  • All labor performed by Testek Technologies will be covered by a 30 day warranty. If the problem reoccurs during the warranty period, and the same corrective action is taken to correct the problem, then there will be no charge to the customer for travel expenses, travel time, or labor hours.
  • If additional work is required that was not performed on the original visit to correct the warranty problem, then the customer will not be charged for additional travel expenses or travel time, but will be charged for the additional labor.

Preexisting Conditions

  • During the equipment evaluation any preexisting conditions will be noted on the report. These conditions will be excluded or negotiated in the contract coverage.


  • Either party, upon thirty (30) days prior written notification, may terminate this service contract. Upon cancellation, the customer will receive credit for any unused portion of the contract. The customer will forfeit any prior contract discounts to Testek Technologies.

Multi-Year Contract

  • A discount is received when the multi-year contract option is selected equal to or greater than three (3) years in length. If this contract is canceled prematurely (prior to completing the three years) then the customer will reimburse all previous years “multi-year contract discounts” to Testek Technologies.

Scheduled Service

  • Testek Technologies will pre-schedule all equipments covered under the contract. The customer may make schedule changes or submit their own schedules to Testek Technologies as long as timely notification is given and is in accordance with the scope of this contract.


  • Maintenance or repair performed outside the scope of this contract will be subject to a surcharge. After-hour repair and maintenance during the normal workweek will be charged at an hourly rate.
    Equipment Specific.
    This contract is only valid for the equipment/serial number mentioned on the “Contract Authorization” section of the contract. In no instance shall the benefits, terms, or conditions of the contract be applied to any other equipment at the existing site, or in any another facility, unless otherwise stated in the “Contract Authorization.”


  • Preventive maintenance inspections (PMI) are a required part of normal equipment maintenance. The regular preventive maintenance inspections shall constitute inspection, lubrication, and minor adjustments; minor is defined as less than one (1) hour.


  • A repair has been made when malfunctioning equipment, assembly or component has been brought into OEM published specifications.


  • Glassware is defined as and limited to the image intensifier tube, camera tube, monitor tubes, laser tubes, and X-ray tube.

System, Assembly and Replacement Parts

  • System is defined as all major sections of the equipment (i.e.: simulator, imaging system, X-ray generator). Assembly is defined as those sections that make up a system. Replacement parts are defined as those parts that collectively constitute the assembly.
  • It is Testek Technologies policy to repair all systems and assemblies of the equipment to published specifications. All necessary replacement parts, new, used or rebuilt, will be used in order to bring the system or assembly into specifications as prescribed in the selected contract description.
  • In the event that the system is deemed not repairable, Testek Technologies will not be held liable for replacement of that system. Testek Technologies can not be held liable for repair or replacement of any system, assembly, or replacement part when the manufacturing of such has been discontinued.

Labor Rates

  • Please consult factory for our most current labor rates.

Travel Expenses

  • All travel expenses are included in the listed prices of the contracts.