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Technical Laboratory

The range of equipment which are repaired & maintained on daily basis
X-ray, ECG, EEG, ENMG, Pulseoximeters, Thermal Printers, Ultrasound, Color Doppler, CT scan, Mammography, Defibrillators, Ventilators, Automated Drug delivery systems, Bed side monitors, Endoscope, C-arm, Cath Lab, Automatic Analyzers, Dialysis, Nebulizers, Sterilizers, Treadmill test, Centrifuge, Bone Densitometers, Cell Counters, Electronic Beds, Suction Apparatus, BP Apparatus, Spirometers, Anesthesia Machine, Electrosurgical Diathermy, Physiotherapy, Multiparameter Monitors, Incubators, Microscopes, Math lab recorders, Film Developers and Processors, Dental OPG, Filler and Curing, Ophthalmology AB Scan machine, Automatic Refractors, Etc.